CTN is an interdenominational, intergenerational network that seeks to Unite the Church & draw attention to Unaddressed issues of the city.

CTN functions as a serving, facilitating and resourcing platform that is committed to catalysing an on going process of transforming Chennai by every means possible through an effective witnessing community in every neighborhood, people group and all spheres of society.

MOTTO: Working together for a better Chennai!

Definition of Transformation:

Transformation is a process by which the whole church takes the whole gospel to the whole city so that the power, the peace and the presence of God is experienced by every individual who is reconciled to God, to one another and to the environment that brings economic sufficiency, social peace, public justice and righteousness. Visit the CTN website www.chennaitransformation.org for more info on how you can be involved with CTN. You can become an individual member as well as institutional member (Champion churches, ministries, businesses)